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The Social Justice Initiative’s Maroon University  Summer 2021

The Social Justice Initiative is hosting Maroon University Summer 2021.

Maroon societies were communities of formerly enslaved people who freed themselves and created new parallel societies and institutions as a practice of resistance.

The Social Justice Portal Project’s Maroon University is a series of summer institutes designed to free us from the confines of traditional classrooms and pedagogies, and to explore themes of racial and social justice as teachers, learners and social change agents. Maroon University institutes are focused on crucial entry points to social justice: Abolition, Economic Democracy, and Climate Justice.

Maroon University seeks to deepen knowledge, strategize, and build relationships at this pivotal moment for reimagining inclusive strategies for transformative justice work in the 21st century. Institutes will feature renowned speakers with deep engagements in each subject, as well as shared readings and resources. The Center for Third World Organizing is the official partner of Maroon University.

Each Maroon University institute will be virtual. No cost to participate. Limited space available.

  • June 28 – July 1, 11–3:30pm CT – Abolition: The abolition institute will explore: What is the history and evolution of abolitionist movements? What is the case against reform? What about harm reduction? What is the relationship of abolition to racial capitalism? What do we learn from the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated? How do we build an abolitionist society?
  • July 19–22, 11–3:30pm CT – Economic Democracy: The economic democracy institute will explore: What are the practices, and institutions of racial capitalism? What is the relationship between the state, the economy and economic change? What can we learn from cooperatives and solidarity economies? How has globalization changed the possibilities for economic democracy?
  • July 26–29, 11–3:30pm CT – Climate Justice: The climate justice institute will explore: What is the relationship of capitalist extraction to climate crisis? How do race and gender fit in? What is our relationship to land? How does climate crisis affect migration? What are the limits and possibilities of ‘just transition’ strategies?

PLEASE NOTE: Applications closed for 2021.

Check back for institute resources and readings that will be accessible to the public this July.