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Pipeline to Justice

The Social Justice Initiative’s Pipeline to Justice Scholarship and Mentoring Program (P2J) is designed to support community organizers and activists in completing undergraduate degrees at University of Illinois Chicago. Since 2012, the P2J program has been an academic conduit for students who have a dedicated practice of community organizing and commitments to social justice. This program is committed to increasing education access for students who are engaged in leadership and activism in national and local justice-based movements.

P2J works to enable and empower students to continue their activism in service to their home communities, and to view their college training as another asset in their activist toolkit rather than a distraction from it. The Social Justice Initiative facilitates connection among P2J scholars through a cohort-based model, a potentially renewable scholarship, mentoring and participation in SJI’s programs.

To Apply to the P2J Scholarship and Mentoring Program for 2024-2025: Click HERE

Graduated Scholars

  • Felix Celestino – B.A., Music (24)
  • Sandra Coleman – B.A., Urban Studies (24)
  • Salvador Delgado – B.A., Public Policy (24)
  • Asha A Edwards – B.A., Public Health (23)
  • Prevail Bonga – B.A., Criminology, Law and Justice (22)
  • Stefan Cuevas-Caizaguano – B.A., Sociology (22)
  • Jocelyn Vazquez-Gomez – B.A., Urban Studies (22)
  • Parrish Brown – B.A., Policy Studies (21)
  • Michael Johnson – B.A., Urban Studies (18)
  • Alexis Pegues – B.A., Urban Education (18)
  • David Fisher – B.A., Youth Development, (17)
  • Gerald Hankerson – B.A. Liberal Arts, (17)

Past Scholars

  • LaCreshia Birts
  • Nicole Bond
  • Jasson Perez
  • Caeser Thompson