Geographies of Justice

The “Geographies of Justice: A Scholarly and Public Dialogue Series about the Contested Terrain and Meaning of Freedom in the 21st Century World” is a yearlong seminar exploring the meaning of freedom in three international and social contexts: Palestine/Israel since the 1967 war, apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa, and the U.S. Black Freedom Movement from 1960 to the present. More

The Faculty Mapping Project

Our INTELLECTUAL MAPPING PROJECT is an ongoing survey and literature review process that identifies areas of work at UIC where there is potential for synergy. More

Pop-up JUST Art Gallery

Pop Up JUST Art (PUJA) center serves as a portal to the neighboring communities and the larger Chicago community. More

Community Education Partnership with Prisons Neighborhood Art Project

During the year of 2015-2016, the Social Justice Initiative is participating in a community education project with the Prison Neighborhood Arts Project. More